About Us

Our Story

The idea behind Lokma began after a trip to Turkey where the founders discovered a traditional Turkish pastry called Lokma. From the first bite of this little delight, they fell head over heels in love. Already having extensive training in restoration, the founders have recreated this authentic desert and adding their own personal touch and are now proud to share it with you. In addition to being able to extend this wonderful culture through this dessert, the founders have developed a comprehensive menu in which everyone can find it’s ideal taste.


Crispy and golden on the outside, and tender and soft on the inside, these little bites of heaven have something for everyone. We offer everyone the opportunity to customize their Lokma by offering a variety of trim options. Indeed, Lokma can not only be supple with cinnamon, covered with creamy chocolate, creamy caramel and can even be garnished with crumbled biscuits or crushed nuts. There is even the possibility of stuffing with whipped cream, or chocolate. There is something for everyone because the combinations are almost endless!

Our Products

Lokma offers you a lot more than its little bites. Indeed, we offer delicious ice cream, milkshakes and multitudes of drinks and specialty coffees. Going to Lokma you are sure to find a little something that will satisfy you.

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